Government Assitance Essay

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Chris Preston May 10, 2011 English 99 10:30am Government Assistance for College Students What a wonderful country we live in that we can get assistance to go to school and further our education. Similar to the story we read “What is Poverty,” by Jo Goodwin Parker, with the struggles of having to rely on the Governments help to get through life with their help. I would not be able to attend school if it weren’t for student loans. I receive enough money to get through each quarter. I am able to keep a roof over my head, food in my belly and enough to pay my educational expenses. Yes, I do have to pay the student loans back but in the long run my Government is here to help me if I need or want the help. Being a student at Spokane Community College, I owe a lot of thanks for the programs set up for the less fortunate or those who need a temporary help while pulling themselves together. There are subsidized and unsubsidized loans for me to attend college. Making too much money from previous employment I couldn’t receive the free money the government has to offer but even with these loans I am doing what I otherwise couldn’t do without the help. Having this kind of assistance is the best thing for me at this point in my life because without it I would probably be homeless right now. After I pay for my tuition, books, and supplies, I have enough money to pay my bills, insurance for my car and provide a safe place for me to call home so that I can do my studying for school. To continue to receive money I must obtain a satisfactory grade point average. This being one of my motivations, I work my butt off to make sure I am the first person in my immediate family to receive a degree from college. I don’t have most of baggage that most of the people that go to college have but have the same struggles they do when it comes to survival. The United States

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