Government Assistance Essay

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Ashley Bryant Week 3 Minor Writing Assignment Baldado/GE217 ITT Technical Institute Due date: July 6, 2015 Week 3 Minor Writing Assignment 1. The comments I read about government assistance abuse were almost all on the same wavelength. The commenters mostly gave their opinions about people who abused the system, and they were mostly negative opinions. They also gave insight to their living situation and the minimal amount of support they, or their family, are unable to receive from the government. The majority of these people claim to be walking a straight line in life, doing the right thing and trying to better themselves. They also implied that the people abusing the system are low life bums who don’t work at all and want the American people to take care of them and their families while they don’t work at all. Most of the comments seemed to be one sided and very judgmental. 2. On the virtual library there were no comments. The article seemed to be more factual and provided statistics to support the claims being made. There was no tone of judgment against the people performing the fraudulent acts, however more of a tone of concern for America and its people. A brief history was given about government assistance and what its intended use was, and how the vision somehow spiraled out of control. I think that leaving no room for comments make the article more reliable than the online search. When there is room left for comments people are searching for other opinions. In these journal articles I believe that mostly facts are stated so the opinion of others really doesn’t matter, because the facts remain the same. 3. My friend who has never been on government assistance seems to be judgmental. They don’t understand why, “we go to work every day to support someone else’s kid”. They feel this way about all people on welfare that have more than one
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