Government and Free Will Essay

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Dialogue Assignment 1 Introduction to Philosophy Sophia (Lu) Li Governments need to create laws that benefit the society as a whole so that civilization can move forward. In order for this to happen, citizens being part of the society have to obey all the laws including the ones that take care of their well-beings. Resulting in healthy and safe citizens, and thus building a positive society in a way that benefits everyone. According to the charter of rights and freedoms section 7; we have the right to life, liberty and security. For the right to one’s own life, one can argue that the choices they make whether benefiting or harming their health is their own prerogative and should not have outer interventions. Thus believing that laws such as the enforcement of seatbelts, smoking, alcohol and drug prohibitions should not exist. This belief however is for a person’s own selfish needs, because having the liberty to choose to harm oneself based on personal desires has heavy consequences on the rest of society. These consequences take on the form of permanent scars such as dire influences on the youth of society from their peers, or the people they look up to whom do drugs and other activities that degrades and incapacitates the user. Ultimately bringing up a future generation to be stunted in brain growth, having multiple health problems, and underdeveloped morals and values that would be a difficult task to fix. Therefore the government must enforce laws on people whether the person personally wants it or not in order to steer the society in the right direction because only then can we have order and moral righteousness. M. Siebert: You seem to be claiming that the government should force people to do many more things than our government does now, whether people like it or not. Is that correct? What do you think should be the limit to what the government can
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