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Privacy? page 2 Abstract The right to privacy is the privacy to be free of unsanctioned intrusion. For a human to be free and try things he/she doesn't want others to know about is the right to privacy. The police may not violate your privacy without a search warrant and probable cause that right to privacy. The right to privacy of beliefs in any-what religion you want to believe in is right to privacy. No where in the US Constitution is the right to privacy listed, but in a few amendments privacy is stated in a hidden manner. For privacy to be protected without being stated in the US Constitution; the 9th amendment comes in to back up. Stating that other rights aside from those listed doesn't mean they can be violated. The unwritten zone of privacy laws became established from the passing of certain higher court cases that where being fought for the violation of someones privacy. Privacy? page 3 The right to privacy is the right to be free of unsanctioned intrusion. The right of privacy is to be able to have sex with your wife how ever you may want to in the bedroom. In many cases the government has tried to violate those private actions. Reason being several amendments create the right of privacy, but no where in the constitution is the right to privacy mentioned. The Supreme Court has constructed privacy in the Constitution to limit the right to be free from government intrusion into private matters. A police officer suspects your a drug dealer because the electricity current going threw your home. He goes to a judge and asks for a search warrant with no probable cause. The judge approves and at 3 a.m. well your asleep a police unit bangs your front door out. They force you to get down on the ground and put your hands behind your back as you do so, your thinking what is going on well a hole police unit is destroying your hole

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