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I. Personal Data. 1. Birth- Date, Place, Parents, Siblings. Harry S. Truman was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. He was the oldest child from his parents John Anderson Truman and Martha Ellen Young Truman. His father was a farmer and livestock dealer. Harry had two younger siblings, a younger brother John Vivian, and a younger sister Jane Truman. 2. Early Life- Elementary and Secondary Education. At an early age, Truman lived in Lamar, Missouri until he was ten months old. The Family later moved to a farm near Harrisonville (Missouri), and then later to Belton which is In Missouri. In 1887 Truman and his family moved to a 600 acre farm which his Grandparents owned. The farm was located in Grandview, Missouri. At the age of six, Harry and his family moved to independence, Missouri so he could attend in the Presbyterian Church Sunday School. Truman didn’t attend a regular school until the age of Eight. As a child, Truman had three main interests: music, history, and reading. He had a really close relationship with his mother. Truman would wake up every morning at 5am to practice the piano. This stopped at the age of 15. He also went to a music teacher twice a week. Harry graduated from Independence High School in 1901, now called ( William Chrisman High School). 3. College(s) attended/Degrees(s) attained. Harry S. Truman was the only president that served after 1897 not to earn a college Degree. His terrible eyesight prevented him from applying to West point. Truman’s Financial Constraints also prevented him from keeping a degree elsewhere. Harry did study for two Years in the early 20s to obtain a law degree at Kansas city law school, now called (University of Missouri Kansas City School of law). 4. Martial Status/Children. Truman proposed to his love interest in 1911, but she denied.

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