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There was many changes that occurred in Europe that led to exploration and expansion. Technology had many new things that helped change Europe. Financing also helped change it, things like commercial revolution and banking had the biggest impacts. Government issues like trading and tariffs also made a big impact. There were many new discoveries in technology that made a big change in exploration. The compass helped explorers by finding out what direction they're going in. They were used especially by sailors when all they could see is water. The compass helped them significantly. The astrolabe could plot and hold a course. It also tells you what latitude and longitude you're at (Doc. 4). If you were using an astrolabe you could expect exactly where to land. In ships the rudder was moved to the back of the ship so that it could sail through he wind and not just the direction the wind was blowing (Doc. 5). Map making helped travelers find easier routes. The larger and longer ships helped traveling be quicker and easier. Technology was one of the biggest impacts on exploration and expansion. Financing also had a huge impact on exploration and expansion. Commercial Revolution was probably the biggest part of financing. Loans are the biggest part of banking. Once banking came out people could start putting their money into these banks and could take that money out whenever they wanted. When you put that money into banks they can then take that money and give it as loans to other people. Therefore financing was another big and successful way of changing exploration and expansion. Government was a very powerful thing that led to exploration and expansion. Colonization was basically just finding land to live. It brought power and wealth but usually led to wars. Trade was biggest part of government. You could trade everything and anything. Most countries made things

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