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Government- Constitution Fundamentals PROFESSOR: Hi. I'm Rob Gwinn. Before I start this lesson, let me tell you you're going to see some words that are highlighted or bolded in blue. When you do, pay attention to them, because those are part of your overall vocabulary list for this lesson. All right. | Let's begin. I have the power. Well, yeah. When you talk about the kings and the monarchs, they not only had power, but they had absolute, or total power. The people had no say. It was what the king wanted, later the queen. What the monarch wants, that's what happens. | Well, that started to change in 1215, when King John signs the Magna Carta. Why is the Magna Carta important for United States government? Well, the Magna Carta was where the King gave up rights to some of the citizens. So rather than having absolute power, by signing the Magna Carta, King John now set a precedent that all other kings | would have to give up some power. And their power would no longer be absolute. What that does, it starts the process of going away from the monarch, going away from the power of the king, and into more of a power of the people. More of these democracies and democratic forms of government are going to start. As we move toward democratic governments, we need to write | the laws down. We need to know how this government's going to be structured. And that's where, in America, we came up with our government, our constitution. And this lesson is going to focus on how that constitution is structured. The objectives for the lesson. | we will describe the structure of the Constitution. We'll explain separations of powers, and the functions of each branch of the government. And we'll analyze the system of checks and balances. Here in section one, we're going to look to describe the structure of the Constitution. OK. The structure of the Constitution. | You

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