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Framing a New Government: -So unpopular and ineffectual had the Confederation Congress become by the mid-1780s, that it began to lead an almost walk-like existence. 1783: its members withdrew from Philadelphia to escape from the clamor of army veterans demanding back pay. -They took refuge while in Princeton, NJ then moved to Annapolis and settled in 1785 in NY -Through all this, delegates were conspicuous of their absence. Through difficulty, Congress secured a quorum to ratify the treaty with Great Britain ending the Revolutionary War. Eighteen members representing 18 states voted on the Confederation’s most important piece of legislation, the Northwest Ordinance. The major public debate was beginning over the future of the Confederation. Advocates of Centralization: -Confederation once did satisfy many. They believed they had fought the Revolutionary War to avert the danger of what they considered remote/tyrannical authority; now they wanted to keep political power in the states -1780s: wealthy and powerful groups began to clamor for a more genuinely national government capable of dealing with the nation’s problem—particularly economic problems afflicted with them. -Some military men, part of Society of the Cincinnati, were distinguished at the refusal of Congress to fund their pensions. They began aspiring influence and refreshing the national government; some even envisioned a form of military dictatorship and flirted briefly (in 1783 Newburgh Conspiracy) with a direct challenge to Congress, until Washington intervened -America’s merchants and artisans wanted to replace the various sate tariffs with uniformly high national duty -Merchants and Shippers wanted to replace the 13 different (ineffective too) state commercial policies with a single, national one. Land speculators wanted the “Indian menace” removed from their western tracts.

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