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1. What constitutes a good government? How is it created? What are its functions? What are its goals? How can such a government, its functions and goals be best achieved? Please make sure to provide examples in support of your analysis. 2. What are the standards of behavior for and characteristics of a good person, a good citizen, and a good leader? Please make sure to provide evidence in support of your analysis. According to Chinese early thought two governmental disciplines immerged, Confucianism and Legalism. These schools of thought sought to impose discipline as a means of controlling the nature of man. These two differed in the approach to control moral behavior or human nature. Confucianism taught control of nature by religion, philosophy, science – more like mind over coming inclinations of passion. Self-discipline and body control may be achieved by the mind and oneness with nature. Legalism was disciplined imposed by human law with fear as a motivator for self-control. Legalism encouraged a well-regulated state. This form of government ruled with a heavy hand during the Qin regime. The overbearing and extreme measures led to the demise of the regime. The Han dynasty sought to adopt legalism while also embracing gentler Confucianism. Legalism was the means of centralized control. My impression is that the Han Dynasty sought some balanced by the embrace of Confucianism with the structure of Legalism as an implied backbone of supportive structure. This is not unlike government now though less imperialistic. Each of the dynasties seemed an experiment with finding the way with the desired goal of order. In my Political Science class, we have looked at Hobbes and Locke. Hobbes, like the Legalist sais people were basically evil and coercion by harsh leadership was the way to achieve order. Locke, akin to Confucian believed people to be basically

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