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The Second Written Assignment 1. Explain the difference between and among each of the following in relation to the constitutional convention and of 1787: (A) The Virginia Plan, (B) the New Jersey Plan and (C) the Great Compromise. What was the purpose of each of them? (A)Connecticut proposed the Great Compromise which was a plan to that established a bicameral congress with representation in the lower house based upon population. The compromise between the large and small states created a government that is both national and federal. The states retained rights and the House of Representatives was popularly elected. (B) James Madison thought the confederation was beyond repair so he imposed the Virginia Plan which scratched the confederation. It proposed a powerful central government. The bicameral National Legislature would be empowered to appoint the executive and judicial branches of the central government and veto state laws. It had powers to tax and regulated commerce. It gave greater National Legislature to states with large populations so states such as Delaware and Maryland. (C)The New Jersey Plan proposed a unicameral Congress in which the states had equal representation. Congress appointed an executive council which would choose a supreme court. The debate over representation in Congress brought the convention to a deadlock. It made little progress toward a new constitution until the issue of state representation was resolved. 2. Why was there vocal opposition to the adoption of the proposed constitution of the United States? What did the opponents fear? Because it had to go through several different conventions to be revised. It had no executive leadership or power to do anything. It also had no central authority or creation of American presidency. It failed to solve the national debt, trade, and protection of the United States borders against

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