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Part l We can look thru history at how the federal government has tried to control the local state government. In the 60’s America was in turmoil over civil rights. The government used this time, I think to try to get some of the power away from the states so they could implement national policies. They would use programs to lure the states in to there trap you might say, so there would be more involved in the state and local government. The south did pretty much as they wanted to in this time period. The U.S. had to do something about the rights of everyone. They had to up hold the Constitution and bill of rights. That is what this country was build on. The Constitution and the bill of rights are what makes America the best country in the world. It is called freedom of or for the people. Part ll 1. 15,308 million 2. A. unfunded mandates are regulations or conditions for receiving grants that impose costs on state or local governments or private entities for which they are not reimbursed by the federal government. B. It is bad because it is programs that the governments force on the people with no money coming out of there pockets. The people are left holding the bag, you might say. It is just a way to tax the people with out calling it a tax. This is my way of thinking, right or wrong. Part lll 1. Nullification is when the state tells the federal government to blow it out there butt. We will not recognize or enforce the federal laws. 2. They say an honest reading of the Constitution with an original understanding of the Founders make it quite clear that the federal government has no constitutional authority to override state laws on marijuana. I guess it is like anything else it has its good side and bad side, but I think it is up to the person if they want to use it or not. When you go to the doctor and get meds you take a change, you chose

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