Governance, Leadership and Ethics. Essay

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GOVERNANCE, LEADERSHIP AND ETHICS INTRODUCTION Many African countries including Nigeria are characterized with backwardness, in the areas of medical and economic growth, social and political improvement and freedom from internal conflict. Unfortunately the model of leadership and governance in Africa generally has left much to be desired as it is clothed with selfishness, desire for power and drive for money which has unavoidably disappointed and betrayed people’s trust. A country in which greater percentage of its citizens wallow in abject poverty cannot be said to be well governed. In Nigeria for instance Richardson (2008) stated “many national and international observers and indeed true friends of Nigeria say that the impediment to sustained economic sustainable economic growth and development in the country has more to do with her leadership and absence of good governance than with economic plans and reforms. On the other hand effective leadership and good governance would have as its primary objective: sustainable national development through capacity building that would alleviate poverty and create employment opportunities for citizens. The topic of this write up/study has to do with governance, leadership and ethics. This paper addresses issues under the following sub headings;. Concept of Governance The oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines the term governance as the activity of governing a country or controlling a company or an organization, the way in which a country is governed or a company or institution is controlled. To govern means to rule, to control or direct the public affairs of a city, control, influence something or somebody and to determine something. Richardson (2008) conceived of governance as the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country’s social and economic resources for development. Hence

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