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Introduction Governance lies at the core of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Development Challenges. The issue has been an increasingly important topic of sale by the media and policy makers at most on a daily scale. Despite the general commitment, it is generally noted that achieving good governance has not been an easy task in the country for a number of reasons including: extreme linguistic diversity, fragmented clan-based social structures whose obligation are carried over into the Public, Private and the Professional arena. Governance is a widely used term defined differently according the text it is used for. A broader definition of the term from a public point of view may include the act of governing or the leading agent in an act, or decision making process where decisions are made. It is through the provisions of power, authority and legitimacy that Governance is given effect and whether it may be good or bad. As such, Gelu states that “As a democratic nation, authority comes from the constitution”. The constitution sets the positions of the different arms of government intuitions and their manner of which they conduct their functions and also the political and civil rights of the citizens. Legitimacy is an instrument for governing where something or someone is given recognition and accepted as right and proper. Good Governance is said to be good when it allocates and manages resources efficiently, effectively, and equitably. Good Governance is characterized by respect for the rule of law, transparency and free flow of information, significant citizen participation and equity, high levels of accountability, effective management of public resources, and control of corruption Background From the above discussions relating to Good Governance, it is necessary to draw a clear line between Forest Governance from Illegal forest activities in which the latter

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