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Gennlie Pizarro Government 12 Factions are groups of people who think the same and share the same ideas and beliefs. In other words factions are people who are all like-minded. Furthermore together factions attempt to influence the government, because they are interested in what is best for themselves as well as their families. James Madison argued that we should guard against factions because he felt they “opposed the public good.” In fact one of Madison’s greatest fears was of “tyranny by a faction” imposing its will on the rest of the nation. Religion is a great example. If one group of religion takes power and then establishes an official state of religion, it can therefore penalize others who did not practice it. In a way Madison was right, factions may do good for our government but can also damage it. As long as no faction seized the whole government at once, tyranny can be avoided. Factions have not yet gained control of our government so far. This is why we have checks and balances to give each branch somewhat equal power. An example of faction today is lobbying. A lobbyist seeks to try and persuade members of government to enact legislation in order to benefit their group. They work to change how the public views them through advertising or influencing high class leaders. They represent interest groups like labor unions, corporations, colleges, and universities, churches and charities. In order to be a lobbyist a person must have strong communications skills. Therefore they can get their point across. When I took the ideology quiz the results I received said that I was 79% conservative and 21% liberal. I do not believe this is accurate. I lean more towards equal opportunity and equality. I also support higher taxes for the wealthy and larger government. Our text book argues that politics are nonfactual a by nature and are necessary. I agree

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