Gourmet to Go Essay

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Nature of the Product and Characteristics Gourmet to Go is a new concept to grocery shopping. Its grocery shopping service made easier by organizing the groceries into ingredients needed for a weekdays worth of meals. The product consists of a menu with limited choices for 20 minute easy preparation meals. Included with it are instructions for preparing, cooking, as well as nutritional information about the ingredients which are consciously thought out to be premium quality. It is designed for households with busy lifestyles and enough disposable income to spend it on a grocery and food service. Gourmet to Go tries to make it easier for the working individual by having their groceries for the chosen recipes delivered right to their home once a week. Not only does it do the shopping for them, but also the preparation of meals as in what ingredients go with what meal for which day of the week. Since it is “easy preparation”, the company will package the items in a ready-to-be-stored way. This meaning, the items needing refrigeration, such as meats, will not only come geared up for easy storage in the freezer but also with instructions letting the customer know what should be put away where. Gourmet to Go is hunting to be a face but nutritional way of eating. The premium quality products are designed to make the customer feel they are getting the best out there. Not only does the customer still get to do their own cooking but everything they need will be right under their nose; no missing ingredients and no beforehand preparation of the ingredients for the recipes. It will allow the consumers to still be involved in making their own meals without the irritation of making sure they have everything. Nature of the competitive environment Gourmet to Go doesn’t have any direct competition because it is a fairly new concept and there aren’t any other companies that

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