Gothic Tradition Analysis

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Gothic Tradition Analysis Flannery O’Connor was born and raised in Georgia and lived from 1925 to 1964 (DiYanni, 2007, p.184). She was raised with a very southern influence and incorporates this into her writing. O’Connor was Roman Catholic and would work evil and redemption into her stories like “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. In this story, she capitalizes southern violence and the need for having religion. She writes in a term called southern gothic, meaning “a style of writing practiced by many writers of the American South whose stories set in that region are characterized by grotesque, macabre, or fantastic incidents” (Southern Gothic, 2009). In O’Connor’s story about a good man, the grandmother is the main character. The reader learns the most about this character through her behavior and language. A family is planning a vacation and plans on leaving from Georgia fairly soon. The grandmother continually insists on going to East Tennessee for her own selfish reasons of revisiting her past. She tries to entice the others by warning them of the Misfit who is on the loose and is rumored to be heading to Florida. Her son, Bailey, ignored that she had even said anything and decided to stick to the plan of going to Florida. The grandmother was rebellious by sneaking her cat on the trip even though she knew Bailey’s reserve about the cat. Once on the road, the grandmother was dead-set on figuring out a way that she could somehow see a few things from her past. She comes up with a plan to tell the kids about a house she once knew with a secret panel that was rumored to have silver in it to get them on her side. It worked, but the grandmother soon realized that her mind had got away from her and the house was not in Georgia, but Tennessee. The family ends up having an accident once the stow-away cat escapes
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