Gothic Themes In Frankenstein

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Page 1 Gothic Themes of Frankenstein JacquelynWilliams-Eid English Literature Tue-Thu 10:30-11:45 Page 2 Mary Shelley is a British writer who is best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein. Frankenstein was written in the eighteen hundreds and is now one of the most best known novels of the time period. When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein she used a gothic theme throughout the novel. The term gothic refers to a genre or elements that came about in the eighteenth century. In a gothic novel there are elements of horror, mystery and suspense. The gothic elements found in Frankenstein come from the ugliness as well as killings and death. There are other examples of a gothic novel such as remorse and sadness. The atmosphere in a novel gives another element of being gothic. The novel Frankenstein contains many of these gothic elements like the atmosphere, ugliness, killings, sadness and remorse. The first gothic element in Frankenstein is the atmosphere. The gothic atmosphere in the novel is full of darkness and rain surrounded by doom and gloom which gives it an air of suspense. In the novel this gothic atmosphere can be found in chapter four when Mary Shelley writes “It was a dreary night of November (Pg.34).” Mary Shelly used this gothic atmosphere to describing the night that Victor created the monster. We can also see this gothic atmosphere in chapter six when she writes “the darkness and storm increased every minute, and the thunder burst with a terrific crash over my head (Pg. 48).” Another example of a gothic atmosphere can be seen as Victor describes how he feels when he finds out about the monster killing his brother “ No one can conceive the anguish I suffered during the remainder of the night, which I spent, cold and wet in the open air. But I did not feel the inconvenience of the weather; my imagination was busy in scenes of evil and despair
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