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The Gothic novels in British and American literature Outline: 1.The historical origin of the gothic novel 2. The flourishing period of the gothic novel in British and America and the representative gothic writers in this period 3. The social influences of the gothic novel: Reveal the villainy and animadvert the ill Keywords: teutones, architectural style, legend, Medieval romances, bible, dark romanticism, dread, sublime, Puritanism, reveal, animadvert Since it was born in the middle 18th in Britain, the Gothic novels has gained a large amount of readers owing to its special charm and has attracted many writers of different genres in different times by its particular characteristics. They used the Gothic form in their works to arrange plots, deepen themes, strengthen effects and achieved great success. Thus, a Gothic tradition, which continually developed and widely affected, came into being. 1. Gothic novels: The historical origin The word “Gothic” firstly came from the name of the Gothic tribe in the teutones. The teutones, which originally lived in the northern Europe, finally defeated the powerful empire of west Rome in the migrating course during several centuries. After more than 1000 years of the perdition of the west Rome empire, a Italian named Vasari(1511-1574)found the word “gothic” in the dust of history in order to refer to a kind of medieval architectural style which is disliked by the Renaissance thinkers. This kind of architectural style prevailed between 12th to 16th centuries in Europe. It was mainly used in building churches and castles. The Notre-Dame in Paris of France and the Saint Paulo church in Britain could be considered the representatives. It is featured by the high-peaked towers, gigantic stonewalls, narrow windows, dyed glass, somber inside and even underground charnel house. In the eyes of the thinkers
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