Gothic Lit Essay

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1. During which period in history did Mary Shelley write Frankenstein, and what were some of its social behavior codes that clashed with her personal life? Answer: Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein during the Romantic period and the Victorian era in England. One thing that clashed with her personal life was she was having an affair with a married man. 2. What circumstances in the summer of 1816 prompted Mary Shelley to write this novel? Answer: She traveled from England to Switzerland and rented a home near Lord Byron, who was another writer. While they were all visiting on a stormy night, they decided to see who could write the best ghost story. 3. Which three characters in this novel have already died? Answer: Victor’s brother (William), Victor’s mother, and the Frankenstein’s maid (Justine) have already died. 4. How does the creature’s desire for help and acceptance remind you of anyone in your own life who has struggled to fit in or find help from others who do not understand that person? Do you believe the creature’s actions toward Victor and his loved ones are justified? You might not approve of the killings, but do they make sense, and should he be blamed for them? Answer: It reminds me a lot of people who struggle to fit in because they will sometimes go to unbelievable measures, like the monster, to fit in. I don’t approve of the killings but it does make sense. Watching a lot of crime solving shows, I know that murderers have pretty bad back-stories such as people or parents abandoning them, which is like the monster. I honestly think he should be blamed for them but instead of being put in jail, he should be given help that he needs. I feel as if the monster didn’t know what he was capable of and he was just trying to get Victor’s attention. I do believe Victor got what was coming to him. He made this creature and just left him knowing that the
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