The Gothic Individual: The Raven

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The Gothic Individual The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe is a work of gothic literature that merges emotions of desperation , love, and evil with the paranormal in order to fully explain situations that cannot be reasoned with logic. While in his room the narrator reads books in anguish ans he mourns the leaving of his beloved one:”Deep into the darkness peering, long [he]...stood there, wondering, fearing, dreams no mortal dared to dream before”(p468). The narrator describes his emotions in this statement of how he feels at the moment, his feelings of desperation. He fears him self and what is to come that he dreams, dreams that are not to be dreamt, meaning he is having thoughts of what a normal man does not have .He then starts relaying on what is his self naive emotions. Yet his feelings evolve as he is now in a somewhat delusional state. He theorizes that the raven that is perching upon his window is engaging in a conversation with him, but connects this event to heaven and hell.”Prophet! [he said]..., thing of evil-prophet still. If bird or devil! Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore”(p470). The raven has now been talking to the narrator but the narrator does not know how to interpret this apparition whether it has been sent to him a sign of hope by God or a temptation to great evil by Satan. He then starts conversing with the bird of what has happened to her loved one but the bird replied with anguish a sole “Nevermore”. Therefore the individual is capable of seeing what is not to be seen. His mind shows him what he wants to see in his time of anguish.

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