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Short gothic story Up in a small town in New York State, near the Appalachian Trail. There were three friends Dan Chatham, Andrew Mooch, and Jake Tude. All three begged their parents to let them go up and camp on the trail. The three begged and begged until they finally said ,yes. They went to go rent themselves a 4 seated atv so they could go through the deadly terrain with ease. As Jake came back with the keys for the atv, and after that a man leaning against his silver/grey Chevy Silverado. And asked where you three headed? And Dan said to the man were going up camping in the Appalachian Trail. The man walked over to the three of them and tells them that’s not a very good idea. Dan asks why do you say that? The man said well do you know the stories that go on up their. All three said no with a look of questioning on there face. The man continued and started the story. Well this is how the story goes. They say their’s a crazy man up there living just off the trail known as the dog man, because of his blood splattered multipurpose machete and his wild pack of dog-wolf hybrid animals. No one knows where he came from there are only theories to what happened to him and his Family. Who knows maybe he lost his mind, and killed his family. Many people say he’s still up there, hunting with his pack of dog wolf hybrids. May be that’s why so many people go up there and never come back. By the way this story was not meant to freak you young fellers out its only a legend. And the man went back to his Chevy got in and drove off. Andrew said, that was really weird then he said can I have ten dollars cause I am thirsty. Then Dan said you don’ t need ten dollars to get a drink. Then Andrew said I know I just

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