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Got Chocolate Chocolate is so irresistibly delightful most people cannot say no to it. Chocolate is given to as a gift, a snack, or an indulgence. Chocolate has been around for centuries and the Aztec are who historians believed are the first people who developed chocolate. However, historians have found that the ancient Mayans that lived in parts of southern Mexico and Central America were already consuming "cacao" because of writing on their pottery, dating back to 500 A.D. It was not until 1585 when the chocolate bean came from the Americas; first to Spain then across Europe. At first the chocolate in Spain was a pungent beverage but later on the chili pepper was replaced and sugar was added. Soon the French, English, and Dutch started to grow their own cacao which allowed mass production and everyone around the world was able to afford and drink cocao. In 1828 the beverage cocao turned into powder because of a Dutch chocolate maker Conrad J. Van Houten patented a method for pressing fat from the roasted cacao beans. This produced a cake that could be grinded up to make a powder called cocoa powder. This made the drinks much easier to make and went on to develop the first eating chocolate by Joseph Storrs Fry in 1849. In 1879 two major developments occurred. One is when Daniel Peter added powdered milk made by Swiss Chemist Henri Nestle to make milk chocolate. The second is when Rudolphe Lindt invented a process called "conching," which improved the mixing of chocolate. Since the Swiss made this breakthrough of mixing chocolate much has not changed in the process. Even to this day we use European machines to produce chocolate here in America. America is starting to become more aware of their diets and want to eat healthier foods. Because Americans are more aware, research has shown that chocolate contains a chemical called flavanoids that provide health

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