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There are two major schools of thought on the nature of intelligence. The first believe that all intelligence comes from one basic factor as “G”. Psychologist such as Eysenck, Galion, Jensen, and Spearman support this theory. The proponents of the other school of thought believe there is more than one general type of intelligence or in other words, there are different types of intelligences. Some well known psychologists in support of this theory are Garner, Sternberg and Thurstone. Although in agreement in that there are multiple types of intelligence, they do not agree in how many different types of intelligence there are. In this paper I will discuss the second theory or the theory of multiple intelligence. Howard Gardner has proposed a theory of multiple intelligences. He originally identified seven component of intelligence (bardner, 1983). He argues that these intelligences are distinct from each other and that each person has some level of each of these seven intelligences. More recently, he has added an eighth intelligence to his list (Education Leadership, 1997). The eight intelligences are: Intelligence Examples Discussion Bodily Kinesthetic | Dancers, athletes, surgeons, crafts people | The ability to use one’s physical body well. | Interpersonal | Sales people, teachers, clinicians, politicians, religious leaders | The ability to sense other’s feelings and be in tune with others. | Intrapersonal | People who have good insight into themselves and make effective use of their other intelligence. | Self-awareness. The ability to know your own body and mind. | Linguistic | Poets, writers, orators, communicators. | The ability to communicate well, perhaps both orally and in writing, perhaps in several languages. | Logical Mathematical | Mathematicians, logicians | The ability to

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