Gordon Rule Essay

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Gordon Rule How was the Gordon Rule established? The Gordon rule was established by Senator Jack D. Gordon. Jack D. Gordon was born June 22, 1922 in Marquette, Michigan, but was raised in Detroit. Jack Gordon attended local schools and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1942, after attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Years later, Jack D. Gordon was elected Florida State Senate in 1972. He was re-elected five times, serving until 1992. During his 20-year tenure as Florida Senator, he accomplished many successful tasks. One of his main accomplishments was when he proposed legislation mandating required writing in all classes. This law was later named after him as the, “Gordon Rule.” This law has become the bane of students across Florida. What is the Gordon Rule? The Gordon Rule applies to all students before receiving an associate in arts (A.A.) degree from a public community college or university. The rule requires students entering a college or a university for the first time to successfully complete, with Jones 2 Final grades of “C “or higher, 12 credits of writing and 6 credits of mathematics as a requirement before admission to an upper level . The twelve writing credits must be as follows: 6 credits of English coursework (College Writing 1 & 2) and 6 credits of additional course work in which the students are required to demonstrate college level writing skills. There are some exceptions to the Gordon Rule. For example, any student who has satisfied college level
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