Gordie's Fearfulness Of June: Love Medicine

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Gordie's fearfulness of June Gordie Kashpaw, June's former husband, feels shame and fears at the thought of June. In the opening of “Crown of Thorns” the reader see Gordie Kashpaw missing his best friend and former wife, June, so badly that he is drinking himself toward unconsciousness. He feels ashamed of his actions toward June. His hands start feeling the way they did after hitting June. “A month after June died, Gordie took the first drink, and then the need was on him like a hook in his jaw, tipping his wrist, sending him out with needles piercing his hairline, his aching hands” (208). “But what his hands remembered now were the times they struck June” (209) In a drunken phase, trying to forget his thoughts about hurting June, Gordie stumbles out of Eli's place and into the darkness and sets off in pursuit of more alcohol. While out in the darkness he commits a serious wrongful doing that bothers him and makes Gordie feel weary. He calls out June's name. “‘I love you, little cousin!” he said loudly. “June!” Her name burst from him. He wanted to take it back as soon as he said it. Never, never, ever call the dead by their names, Grandma said. They might answer. Gordie knew this. Now he felt very uneasy” (213). In this drunken state of mind Gordie lets the simplest thing get to him like the “sounds from the the lake and trees” and fears June even more. Now since he said her name he feels like June is going to come back and get him. While he was in his cabin he feels uneasy. Turning different appliances on and off, locking the doors and windows. While Gordie was in the bathroom he looked out the window. “Her face. June's face was there. Wild and pale with a bloody mouth. She raised her hand, thin bones, and scratched sadly at the glass” (214). Gordie is terrified by this vision and rushes outside in a drunken sickness. He jumps into his car and drives

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