Goose Girl Essay

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The Goose Girl - Grimm Version In the story of The Goose Girl the classic theme of good overcoming evil unfolds, bringing forth the symbolism of the goose itself; communication, protection, and bravery. The main characters in this story represent the structure of the Freudian personality; the id, the ego and the superego. This essay will analyze and explore the function of all the characters and their role in the development of the story. All of the characters contribute to the extraction of the tale’s moral which the authors are conveying to the reader by depicting underlying truths of real life experiences every human is faced with. MORAL: Remember your roots - don't forget the people who helped you along the way. Communicate your needs to others – be assertive because no one can help you if you don't speak out. Protect that which is most valuable to you utilizing autonomy and courage. Let’s begin by analyzing The Queen mother. The Queen is one of the most significant characters in this story. She sets the tone, since there is great emphasis in the deep loves she holds for her daughter and the reader gets a sense of her over protectiveness. The queen wants her daughter to carry a part of her on her journey, in attempt to transfer her own wisdom and self empowerment. She opts to prick her finger and spills 3 drops of her blood on the cloth which she gives to the princess to take with her. When the maid first betrays the princess the drops of blood begin to speak to the princess like a conscious would inside of one’s mind: “If you’re poor mother knew of this, her heart would break”. When the cloth falls out of the princesses’ breast and floats away down the river, she becomes totally powerless against the maid, like the archetype of loosing magical power. In perspective to the Freudian structure, The Queen and her drops of blood play the role of the
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