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Chapter 7 Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology 287 G oogle, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your Internet Experience CASE STUDY In what looks like a college food fight, the three Internet titans—Google, Microsoft, and Apple—are in an epic struggle to dominate your Internet experience. What’s at stake is where you search, buy, find your music and videos, and what device you will use to do all these things. The prize is a projected 2015 $400 billion e-commerce marketplace where the major access device will be a mobile smartphone or tablet computer. Each firm generates extraordinary amounts of cash based on different business models. Each firm brings billions of dollars of spare cash to the fight. In this triangular fight, at one point or another, each firm has befriended one of the other firms to combat the other firm. Two of the firms—Google and Apple—are determined to prevent Microsoft from expanding its dominance beyond the PC desktop. So Google and Apple are friends. But when it comes to mobile phones and apps, Goggle and Apple are enemies: each want to dominate the mobile market. Apple and Microsoft are determined to prevent Google from extending beyond its dominance in search and advertising. So Apple and Microsoft are friends. But when it comes to the mobile marketplace for devices and apps, Apple and Microsoft are enemies. Google and Microsoft are just plain enemies in a variety of battles. Google is trying to weaken Microsoft’s PC software dominance, and Microsoft is trying to break into the search advertising market with Bing. Today the Internet, along with hardware devices and software applications, is going through a major expansion. Mobile devices with advanced functionality and ubiquitous Internet access are rapidly gaining on traditional desktop computing as the most popular form of

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