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Name of Student: University of Affiliation Name of Instructor is the highest visited site in the world, it has made the world a global village where information is available to anyone, and anywhere in the world as long you have access to the internet. Most of us that’s how we know google. It has the world’s largest bank of information and if you needed to know anything, well just ‘google it’. What most of us may not be aware of is that google is involved in other research projects, among them is the google driverless car project and the renewable energy project to mention but a few. Googles driverless car must be one of googles most published of its projects. The project is intended to make driving autonomous and reduce human interaction while driving. The main reason and purpose for this project by google is to increase road safety and minimize traffic jams. The project begun with google installing several sensors in a Lexus and letting the software designed to drive the car navigate the car, in this car a human driver was involved in the tests drive in case of emergencies and the car had the steering wheel, brake and acceleration pedals intact. In this first stages of the project the car has a mechanism that returns the steering back to the driver in case of an emergency (MARKOFF, MAY 27, 2014).Googles vision is to have a driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals, just a start and stop button. The car will just be provided with the destination and the computer and the software in it will do the rest. On Tuesday May 27, 2014 google unveiled a prototype that it had been working on secretly from scratch, the prototype will have no facility for human control (Guardian, May 2014).The company has begun to produce a fleet of one hundred experimental electric powered cars, the two seat cars look more like the Fiat 500e (Guardian, May 2014). The car

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