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Course Project: Organizational Changes between Google and Motorola Managing Organizational Change HRM 587 DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management 3/9/2014 A lot of the companies that we interact on the regular basis have at one point of time been a part of a merger or an acquisition. Those changes in the organization were made for a lot of reasons that are valid in top executive’s minds. There are a couple of things that have to be looked at however when a company decides to acquire other companies or merge the two together. With proper planning the changes made can either be viewed as proactive or reactive. Organizational change can affect many different people. First and foremost it can affect the organization, the employees, and as well as the customers. Google, one of the most popular, prosperous, and rewarding companies out there decided to acquire Motorola, one of the most popular phone electronic phone manufactures. The deal was closed by Google back in May of 2012(Google Buys Motorola). This deal was something that a lot of people were excited about, but some were also nervous about it as well. Googles employees were almost guaranteed to keep their jobs, but because of this acquisition Motorola ended up having to fire and lay off a lot of their value employees. This organization change was something that both companies agreed on obviously, but the actual deal would make things so much more difficult for their employees that were affected. Even though this change is something that was planned, no one truly prepares to be out of a job at any given time and for some people it takes a very long time to get a new job with the same benefits as the last one and so much more than that. Whenever an acquisition or merger is started it is very important that all of the terms, conditions, and polices be looked over again just to

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