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Google: Dealing with China Group 1 - What major pros and cons are there, regarding alternatives for addressing issues/opportunities? Some of the major pro’s that may be present while addressing issues and opportunities is that it may force individuals to think of alternative methods to conduct their business. Some of the advantages of coming up with new ideas is that it can also lead to new opportunities that may not have presented themselves had they not been forced to confront something that was atypical to begin with. Issues and opportunities often go hand-in-hand and is one of the primary precursors for entrepreneurs to begin their own business – identify an issue, or a need, and present a solution which results in an opportunity to sell or market their idea to resolve the need or issue of a potential customer or client. Additionally, there are con’s when being confronted with issues and opportunities when alternatives are the only means to resolve the issue. Sometimes, the alternatives may jeopardize the company’s moral or ethics or even run contrary to their corporate motto, such as in the case of Google’s corporate model of “Don’t be Evil”. Unfortunately, their corporate motto, and their culture is in direct opposition to that of the China’s government when it pertains to internet usage, search results and disclosure of personally identifiable information. As a result, Google in China has had to define what it means to not be evil, while still attempting to remain relevant to their Chinese market. Let me ask you to be a bit more specific, but briefly answer. What might be the pros and cons of FOR China for business reasons or ethical reasons. What might be the pros and cons of FOR NOT ENTERING China for business reasons or ethical reasons. You do not need to recommend at his stage. We are just looking for some critical thinking pros and cons.

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