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Case Study- Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your Internet Experience 1) Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft Apple, Google and Microsoft each have their own strengths and uniqueness. These three top companies create and innovate new ideas to change the way we experience the internet. Apple began their dominance in the smart phone and mobile internet experience with their iPhone and iPad. These two major introductions to the Apple line up along with their already popular iPods represented 62% of the 2011 revenues. Currently Apple is a dominant force in the market of mobile, music and computers and with each generation wanting more of these Apple products, there is no sign of them slowing down. In order to welcome new comers to the new Apple products, Apple strategically allowed other third party developers such as Microsoft so that PC users or any others would be able to transition over. Apple and Microsoft have collaborated in the past , when Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple and gave software to Macs while Apple in return made their mobile devices compatible with the Microsoft Windows OS. The popular search engine Google has the main goal of allowing users to search the web through their search engine for free. Many of Google's innovations are available for free such as Google + which is a social networking site, Dropbox and the ever popular web browser OS, Google Chrome. The company generates 37.9 billion dollars in 2011 from just their advertisements alone. A huge percent of that comes from their smart purchase of Youtube and AdMob (this further advertises everything for Google). The Android currently is highly being compared to the iPhone because of its similarity's but the differences can be judged only be the potential customer. Google has found many ways to innovate and stay relevant in every

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