Google Innovation Essay

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Case study: Googling innovation! Main points:  Google has expanded the services that it provides through acquisitions (e.g., YouTube, DoubleClick) and  It extended its reach to different markets through strategic alliances (e.g., with Sun Microsystems, MTV, News Corporation’s Fox Interactive Media).  Google has a corporate culture that promotes creativity and innovation. For example, o All employees are allowed 20 percent of their time to work on projects of their choosing. o Google has a flat organization structure and few managers. o Project teams have no permanent leader. Team members rotate as the project leader. o Google is a relaxed and fun place to work with free snacks and meals and video games available for break times.  Google has found a way to harness all of the ideas created by its employees and its motivational workplace: o First, to harness the many ideas, Google established an internal Web page for tracking new ideas. Each “idea creator” set up a special Web page for her/his new idea. This information was posted on the intranet, which allowed others in the company to test the idea. o Second, Marissa Mayer was made vice president of search products and user experience. Her responsibility is to recommend if and when a particular product is ready for release to the market. Thus, she has an internal gatekeeper role. Marissa also plays a role in helping to develop good ideas.  To further test new “product” ideas, Google launched Google Labs where the public was invited to test new product ideas, providing initial way to build demand for a new product so that it has a customer base when the product is formally introduced to the market. Answer Possible ways to enhance and sustain creative and innovative management:  Building innovation into company culture  Suggestion scheme  Empowerment  Continuous learning  Building

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