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Google in China Google is the worlds largest Internet search engine company. Google China took the spot in the ranking as the 2nd largest engine in the Peoples Republic of China. Prior to the establishment of Google China. Google was accessible with limited access due to the censorship. With the self-imposed censorship, anytime prohibited Chinese keywords were entered, it automatically denied any access. These keywords were on a blocked listed maintained by the PRC government. With all of the legal, cultural and ethical challenges that Google faced with complying with China, it led the United States Google critics to say that Google China is a flagrant violation of Google’s motto “Don’t be evil.” Although Google has offered a Chinese language version for a number of years, users are still complaining and frustrated with the blocks placed by the government. is a site that will censor itself in order to comply with the rules of the authorities in Beijing. Google has been in debate on whether or not it is worth the criticism with having Google China or if it should pull out. Google did argue that it would be more damaging to put out of China. The major legal challenge that Google faced in China was adhering to the strict censorship guidelines and regulations related to providing content via its search engines, as imposed by the Chinese government. Google had to transform its core philosophy of providing "the greatest amount of information possible" by implementing self-censorship to adhere to the strict guidelines of the communist government in China, who were very particular about the "appropriateness" of the search results provided by Google. The company was exposed to strict internet related regulations pertaining in China. 

The major cultural challenge was to meet the expectations of Chinese customers, who are culturally very different from consumers

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