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Google in China MT 220-01, 1201C Kaplan University Google in China Google takes a couple of stances when it comes to their ethical approach to their business. First off, when it comes to Google operating their website they tend to use more of a Utilitarian approach (Hill, 2011) with somewhat of a Friedman Doctrine approach (Hill, 2011). The Utilitarian approach is used by Google as they feel the consequences of their actions are more towards the balance of good consequences over the bad consequences by deciding that the information that they put out there is more productive to the consumers than destructive (Hill, 2011). Google also seems to use the Friedman Doctrine approach as they don’t want to be deceptive or fraudulent and try to be an ethical business, but the bottom line is to increase profits while obeying the rules of the law (Hill, 2011). Google did move their approach to a different stance when they entered into China. They went with the Cultural Relativism approach when they started their business in China [ (China Renews Google’s License, 2010) ]. China has censored their public from anything that the Chinese government deemed as inappropriate for the public to see or hear as it pertains to the functioning of the government. Google decided that if they were to begin operations in China that they would follow what the government of China has set forth as standard protocol for censorship [ (Benjamin W. Heineman, 2010) ]. Human Rights Advocates use the Universal Declaration of Human rights as their stance on how business should conduct themselves globally. The rights and obligations of everyone should be a fundamental principal that is followed by everyone and everyone should be treated the same no matter what country or culture is involved. Respect of each and everyone and vice versa as it pertains to an ethical approach should be observed and

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