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Conor Riley April 27, 2012 International Marketing Startegy Case Analysis: Google in China The case between Google and how China had attacked them and other companies caused a shift in policy between the internet provider and it’s operations with that government. After starting a new site in 2006,, that would censor some results, but would primarily help the Chinese people in their searches, the recent attacks had caused them to rethink their strategy. Google announced it would no longer censor any of it’s searches and would be in talks with the Chinese government to see if this was even a possibility. They acknowledged that they would shut down and it’s Chinese offices if Google was unable to remain a censor-free search provider. There are two topics of discussion that are stressed in the memo Google had published. First, there are financial concerns within the company and it’s shareholders if it decides to cease access to Stock prices will most likely drop and much of the revenue, and future revenue, it receives from paid advertising on and in China will be lost. Second, as a U.S. based company, Google feels the necessity to raise awareness concerning the limitations of free speech and human rights issues in China. While there are many factors to consider with such a bold statement and the two parties involved, these two points are at the basis of all of their decisions concerning the matter. With such a large company and brand name as Google, the disruption or elimination of part of its business and operations is bound to have adverse financial effects. These effects will be seen throughout various levels of Google’s infrastructure as well as other companies it partnered with and did business with and for in China. In 2009, Google saw about $300 million in revenues from China. While this is a

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