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Assignment Topics Google HR practices Introduction Managing human resources effectively has become vital to organizations within the modern and fast‐paced business environment, more so as the economy the world over join into a synapse of globally connected and interdependent sectors aimed at preserving and creating knowledge rather than products and services alone. The originality in the market today demands innovation and trust more than mere comparative analysis of sales and market share, and the hierarchy of the centre and margin model is evolving into a different model. Human Resources specialists are more important in business strategies today for this very change in market dynamics –more so in the present economic situation of a global recession and downturn across industries and sectors. The focus has turned on HR Department at every organization – the survival lines are running drier with every passing week at the trading markets the world over, and the aim is not only to see through the recession, but more importantly, to ensure employees are still committed to the organization. HR development acts as the mentor to its employees – guiding, training and educating them in the way of the industry and the organization. Well trained and competent employees, who are able to showcase themselves and their organization to the customers in a more effective manner, help in increasing customer satisfaction and overall clientele, by adding credibility and reputation to the business. Effective HR planning and development practices bring quality and loyal workers who are committed and passionate about the success of their organization. Organizational Goal and Vision of Google The work culture and employee empowerment philosophy at Google was apparent from the day the company was launched in 1998. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, wanted to establish Google

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