Google Goes To China Essay

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Introduction and Situational Analysis Business Ethics is now in today’s business climate as the new drum beat and mantra. With so many companies today in the world, it is now a necessity for companies to have their own rules and regulations when it comes to business ethics to police themselves, because if they do not do it, the government will do it for them. With companies like Enron and WorldCom taking advantage of shareholders and employees, the U.S Government produced a new set of sentencing guidelines to give these organizations a fair warning shot across their bows. (, 2005) If they break the law and certain ethics violations, someone will be going to jail. Business ethics can also be a very tricky avenue. What one person might feel is right and correct way of doing things, can be interpreted by another as completely wrong. Let us look the case study in our text regarding “Google Goes To China” (Trevino & Nelson, 2011) Google made itself available in China to try and bring a few more freedoms to an area where life is restricted and freedoms do not exist they do here. They felt they could make a difference and push the envelope with the government by doing the minimum that the government had ask of the. What we are going to look at is what the dilemma is with Google going into china? What problems does this pose with an American company going into a very restricted and controlled communist country? We will also analyze and use some theories that were based in our text and show some of the steps that could have been used by making the ethical decision to go into China and censor it own product. So what is the ethical dilemma in this situation? Does an American company which follows American laws go into a much more restrictive country and not follow its own Goals and Value system that it has created for its employees and managers? When

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