Google Glass Impact

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introduction to new media | GOOGLE GLASS | Positive and Negative Impacts | | Kenneth Beda & Hanan Alotaibi | | This essay explains our views of the possible impacts that the Google glass project will have on our society, technology, culture and economy. | Contents Potential impact on Society 1 Potential impact on Economy 2 Potential Impact on Technology 2 Potential impact on Culture 3 IMPACTS OF GOOGLE GLASS Potential Impact on Society The arrival of smart specs will likely have both a positive and a negative impact on society. On the positive side, wearers of the glasses will be able to gather information when and where ever it is needed, particularly when they are unable to use their hands. Most prominent of the probable effects the Google Glass would have on society is the enhanced usability, the idea behind Google Glass is to make using a computer and in particular social networking and browsing the internet a simple and quick task which can be done anywhere and at any time. The simple movement of head tilting and voice command needed in order to interact with the Google Glass allows anyone using the equipment to navigate in a way which flows with little effort. The potentially negative impact of this type of technology can present numerous problems that range from mildly irritating to dangerous. One of these problems is the potential all-around loss of privacy. In terms of the wearer, there is the risk that their activities and actions can be monitored by the manufacturer for the purpose of gathering information. For people who are in the vicinity of these glasses, there is also a risk of loss of privacy, particularly if they are being filmed, photographed or researched without their consent. While there is no evidence that this may occur, Google is reportedly taking this privacy risk seriously and taking steps to
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