Google Diversity Essay

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Google is a strong leader in regards to contributing to diversity amongst the world and its workplace. On their diversity website, they stated, “We work hard to bring attention to diversity and inclusion in everything we do not only because it makes sense, but because it’s the right thing to do.” Not only are they inclusive, but they understand it comes down to doing the right thing. They establish this welcoming culture by inviting everyone to look within the firm. Google wants to make its employees comfortable in order to achieve this diverse culture by inviting them to participate and bring their own element. On their website, they stated, “Every background, unique experience, and perspective brought by Googlers help us create our unique culture and bring fresh approaches to creating and using our products.” In simplistic terms, they “Do cool stuff that matters”. Google makes their diversity presence and efforts known through a few different mediums. These mediums include: Diversity website, blog, video channel, as well as an annual report easily accessible on the website to download. They state many times on each medium, “We work hard to ensure that attention to diversity is built into everything we do”. In the annual report, Google has focused on three key areas around diversity: Changing the face of the technology industry, creating a workplace that works for everyone, and empowering diverse businesses and communities online. They are seeking to create and build a technology industry that is inclusive and reflective of the global population as well as raising worldwide awareness about these issues of diversity and inclusion. Within the annual report, Google states they understand their impact on every corner of the world. Google’s programs support this Figure 1: Google's homepage diversity Figure 1: Google's homepage diversity through 60

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