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Google Company Some of history about Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University. The company was officially launched in September, 1998 in a friend’s garage. In one of the most anticipated Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Google raised $ 1.67billion in August of 2004. Firstly, they do a lot of changes in the world. There are three kinds of things that they do for us, businesses, and for the web. The things that they do for us are to make it as easy as possible to find the information we need and get the things we need to do done. What they do for businesses are their advertising programs, which range from simple text ads to rich media ads and help businesses find customers. Google’s core value is they want to build the world’s best technology products. They also apply technology and creativity to solve important problems. Secondly, Google cares about and support to communities where they work and live. They encourage and enable their people to support local community involvement and expect them to participate. Google differentiate from their competitors because Google understands better than any other company that a search engine needs to achieve two goals in order to be successful: it needs to be simple to use and it needs to get rid or users as quickly as possible. Aside from Google, no other search engine has been able to master the art of getting you to your destination as quickly as possible. To determine website's ranking, contributing factor are used and every search engine is different. This makes trying to optimize for Google site. Placing the targeted search term or phrase in the title tag of the webpage's HTML header. Besides that, quality of the document content is quite impressive as we assuming search engines can use text, visual or other analysis methods to determine the validity and value

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