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Mayra Castaneda COM 3068 Google China Case Study 1. How does the changing environment for business affect Google ability to communicate in this situation? The changing environment for business affects Google’s ability to communicate in a way that, Google needed to deal with the fact that although censorship was a violation to the mission statement, it was necessary to gain access to the second leading market in the world when it comes to internet access. China was and still is a huge and very valuable market for Google. The company was affected to communicate mainly because they have no other choice and were obligated to accept China government rules is they wanted to make because with the country. They knew that concealing with the rules were going against every beliefs they had but they needed to go against to ideals to do business. 2. Where is the company most vulnerable from a communications standpoint? Google is most vulnerable, from a communications standpoint, in trying not to be considered as inconsistent company. To be clear, Google was at its most vulnerable point when they were accused by Humans Rights of being unfaithful to the company’s own beliefs because they were not complying with their own company Don’t be Evil”…show more content…
The first key problem Google faces in this situation is choosing between whether stay faithful to their own beliefs or to follow China’s rule and become a tool for that country to keep their habitants ignorance to the truth. Google beliefs and ideals are that they want as a company make the world a better place but them agreeing in a censorship in China will go against this ideal and they need to decide what was most important. It was at the end an ethical issue that has a cons in every way they looked at it. If they decided to stay faithful to their ideals they will lose a very valuable market but if they choose to comply with China rules them they will go against everything they were building since the company

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