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Google Case 2. Currently Google is one of the largest and most successful companies in the technology and advertising industry. This success has been acquired by having employees that are team-oriented, driven and very talented. Furthermore Google employees usually graduate with great grades from the best universities. The duties and responsibilities that these employees have demands allot from them. They have to work long hours (including nights because Google is a 24-hour operation), they have to be willing to give up everything to work as a team to get a project done and they have to able to work under tense circumstances. Googlers have to think and experiment new innovative ideas constantly and they must have the ability to present this ideas as clearly and quickly as possible while having supportive experiments and information to back up the presentation. Thus, Google demands allot of their employees. That is the reason why Google needs to provide a package of services and financial benefits that supports their demands and also keep the employees motivated. Another aspect is that Google is a company that grows significantly; therefore the company must have an attractive benefits program to attract talented recruitments rapidly. 3. For finding the brightest employees I’ll certainly be very careful and picky when choosing which recruitment method I will use. Nowadays there are allot of systems/sources that one may use for finding employees but not all of them is as effective. When I’m thinking on how I will recruit and select the brightest people, the first things I take into consideration are: 1. The type of company that is recruiting (company’s reputation, size and industry) 2. The intensity of the possible candidates I may find (the size of the country/ state in which the company is operating & the graduation/study degree in that particular

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