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Google – Case Write-Up 1. Google’s value discipline is product leadership. Google continuously reinvents its online products to create an easy to use experience for their customers to find the information they need. Google has created a host of peripheral tools that attract customers to their domain for a one-stop shop for information, sharing of information and collaboration. Google invested heavily in their network infrastructure from the beginning to ensure fast delivery of search results. Google employees are given time to work on projects that many other companies would deem too risky or not profitable and it’s these products that have differentiated Google from other search engines. 2. Google’s Android smart phone operating system is a free platform for smart phones. The ongoing development cost for creating and updating this system is expensive. The costs are offset by many phone manufacturers using the system across all of their product lines, allows Google’s search and other profit generating applications to extract profits from search advertising. Products such as Google maps help Google retain its competitive edge and increase visitors to its platform. The intent behind offering free services is that Google wants to be on our laptops, our cell phones and minds whenever we need information. The more a consumer accesses Google’s value added services, chances are that the same consumer will access the search engine where Google drives significant revenue through selling advertising space & listings. Furthermore, the data that it collects from search history is invaluable in helping Google improve existing products and build new products to retain its competitive edge. Additionally, Google needs to offer such products if it is to compete against the likes of Yahoo & Bing who offer similar services. 3. Google has a wide footprint in the technology

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