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July 11th, 2012 Google Books Research Paper One of the biggest leading companies that hold a lot of pertinent information is Google. Google is one of the leading search engines of the world. In our education world teachers assign a project to students that they’re normally unfamiliar with. One of the first steps most students take is to go to Google and use the infamous search bar; with Google knowing how popular and used they are Google has made steps to create a massive digital library known as Google books. Google has decided to scan in millions of forgotten text and books into their systems and sort them by indexing. This system will be for scholars, students, and average readers to give extraordinary access to millions of text that have been out of print and forgotten about through time (Google Books). Google is taking and revolutionizing these forgotten texts and bringing them to light in just one click of the button. While some libraries and groups think that this is a horrible idea because of copyright laws; others such as myself think that this is a great idea. These efforts made by Google will help make a stride for students and scholars in the educational world to have access to knowledge they never could before. When students are assigned a project or research paper the first place they turn is normally Google and even if they don’t at some point during the researching process they’ll come across it; with Google books being accessible to scholars, students, and average readers these researchers will make more of a habit to search through Google first knowing they are being granted access to these forgotten texts with ease. In fact, all this knowledge is accessible at your fingertips with a click of a button. This means at any given time of the day you can turn to Google and not have to worry about making the library hours or the book being checked

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