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Google is the highest used internet search engine and is free for international use. Good and bad exists with everything and although Google provides people all over the world with tons of information, it is constantly being overlooked and controlled by the people who created it and who control it which can be seen as a huge downside for many individuals. There are many critisms of Google such as manipulation of search results, violating people’s privacy and censorship of search results such as page ranking. Although Google provides services that play a large part in many people’s lives for free, it does come at the price of an individual’s personal information and privacy. Google, Facebook and every browser ever created have always gathered data and used that data, but never have these companies created a compilation of personal information based on years of our trusting them. Google has been attempting and has begun to succeed in taking over all of our digital media, from the top used search engine as well as Gmail and Google news which have become the number one news source for many people. People are taking information that they want to hear and Google has been trapping society in a box by finding out our major interests and purely basing everything else off of that rather than incorporating new ideas. Google has the power to control us without us even realizing it and “because Google is so readily available and easy to use, more people across the planet will divulge their personal information” (Conti, G.) and Google does so by manipulating individuals through search engine rankings. Through internet browsers third party cookies, Google has the ability to tap into personal searches and figure out what advertisements to sell us in order to make profits. The fact that our searches can be tracked can tell a lot about a person and much of the time an individual

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