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Week 9 Google Case Study Kristina Baily AMBA 670 Professor James Saunders In 1996 two young Stanford students started a business based on an idea from a research paper about search engines. This company today is Google. Google search engines worked so much differently and better than the existing search engines the company quickly became very successful. Google soon found its niche. They picked up a lucrative revenue generator with advertisements associated with keyword searches. What’s unique about Google, is although the company had found themselves a head of competition with the efficiencies of their search engines Google did not limit there success to mere acquisitions such as Google Earth and YouTube. In 2004 Google launched there own new, free webmail “Gmail”. The beauty of the launch of Gmail was that Gmail offered enormously more space for free webmail than all other competitors. By this time Google had earned the title as leader of the Internet. While still riding the wave of success most companies at a successful size as Google would invest in inertia however Google continued to heavily invest in innovation. Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation is something you don’t often see much of in large companies like Google. However in 2005 the CEO at the time Eric Schmidt had implement a management plan called “70/20/10”. This Plan allowed Google employees to allocate work hours in percentages to work related hours (70%), innovative research related to core business (20%), and overall general overall innovative research to (10%). Within this business plan Google grew with new innovations such as Google Transit, Google Talk, Google News etc. Many believe that Google is now at their peak in success. All the while Google still has great deals of investments in Research and Development and new innovations. The question today by

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