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Google Company Anson Chan Instructor: Institution: Date: Google Company The prime purpose of this paper is to explain at length why the Google Company deserves to be considered to be among the most famous and leading companies in the world. It aims at explaining ways in which the company has created a roadmap for other Information Technology (IT) companies. The article also seeks to examine what has contributed to the reputation accorded to this company. The second part of this work looks at the company as one of the world’s most secretive organizations. Google Company is a multinational company that was founded back in the year 1996. The company came into being as a PhD research project conducted by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The two were taking their PhD studies at the Stanford University. The company specializes in the provision of internet related technological product and services. Such as software advertising technologies, online materials search and cloud computing. Google’s focus is to develop ways in which people connect with information. The mission the company works on is to be a company that will help organize the world information make it universally accessible and useful to users. Google has not only achieved impressive heights but also it have positively influenced people’s way of life. In fact, it has set a benchmark that other Information technology (IT) companies elsewhere can emulate. This makes it right for the company to be considered as among the best and successful companies in the world today. One may wonder, how can the company be considered to be successful? The answer solely lies on the things that the company has undertaken and the way it has operated on these undertakings. The company’s driving force is to make information technology sharing more efficient and quicker. Its achievements and reputation can be

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