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10 Important Factors of Google's Local Search Algorithm Different factors affect rankings on Google Maps. Based on my experiences with local costumers here are the top 10 most essential things to consider for your business. 1. Your business address. Your business location is important, if you want to get a rank for a certain city. A friend of mine ranks high on "richlandwa real estate" because that's where her address is, she is nowhere to be found for "Kennewick" or "Pasco" (the other major local cities) keywords. There is an exception: She ranks very for "West richlandwa real estate," for the reason that it's just a real estate agent with offices in West Richland (Tri-Star). 2. Business categories. I was hesitant at first in naming the most important factor between this and the next factor. However, I think it's something more important to your business if it is properly categorized rather than getting the right keyword in your company name. When I dug into the" san francisco bakery" 7-pack, all the seven companies categorized as a bakery. Other searches often give the same results. 3. Right keywords in your business name. watching for real estate keywords made me place this criteria. These days agents who prosper in this field have "real estate" attached to their name. In my opinion, LSRF's replies were a disgrace because many people focus on the spam area. There are many businesses that have keywords in their name. For example, I had lunch at Henry's Restaurant yesterday and I'm confident that this will help them get a better rank. 4. Quality of citation. According to David Mihm, local citations are the "new links." Google validates your business location, contact information and name through quotes. Meaning the more mentions you have the greater trust your earn from Google and your results will surely be visible in local maps. An

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