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Ch.1 Strategic process: analysis the environment+ resources --> depends on your visions and obj --> develope strategic alternatives --> choose one -> implementation. Strategic management definition : Sm can be described as an identification of the purpose of the organisation and the plans and the action to achieve the purpose. Implicate that it is possible to plan strategy in advance and carry out new strategy over time. Eg google keep seeking new business opportunities , broaden product range, will be included dividends for shareholders, At corporate level: **Strategic management is the pattern of major objectives , plans, goals, and essential plans for achieving the goals, it is a way to define what business the company is/will and kind of company it is or is to be. At business level: Strategies of the firm is the balance between internal capabilities and external relationships and opportunities. Describe how to respond to suppliers, customers, competitors and the whole environment which it operates. Case study Google search: Google has built a new business based on innovation and experimental strategies. It is a very innovative business which differentiate with other many "" companies , and has a new technology. Two partner met and study in Stanford university, shard common interest of handling a large pool of data, then they commercialise their ideas and generate a new search methods that went beyond with previous search methods. First, developing a new technology which set up that linked with existing computers, rather than using a large computers for searching, makes the searching faster for doesn't need to queuing Second, the new search method is not counting on individual work, but examine the entire link from web which determine the most related and important web, therefore Google went better than

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