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Page 1 THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL QUESTION. Individually, create a two-page memo detailing how you think your client could best use and structure teams within its organization based on the information that your team put together for Questions 1 – 3. Further describe how you would communicate this change throughout the organization. Make sure to use the theories of teamwork from Chapter 15 (Assignments 32 and 33) and communication from Chapter 14 (Assignments 29 and 30). NO INTERNET RESOURCES ARE ALLOWED FOR THIS SECTION. Since Google is expanding all over the world and opening new locations, the Google’s corporate culture might not be as effective as their locations in United States. Google might have to modify the way they work and restructure in order for the people across the world to get adjusted. People working at different location of Google around the world come from different parts and culture. They might not be comfortable working in an extremely casual corporate culture. Some people might need a more professional attitude towards their work in order to be more productive and innovative. They might get distracted from work and unable to concentrate from pets being brought in, food, video games around them and other sorts of entertainment that Google offers. In order for Google to operate as a multinational, they might have to restructure modify slightly. In order to solve this problem we developed a virtual team. This team will be made up of people that will be working on the issue in different parts of the world. The team’s aim is to educate the Google’s human resource management and employees of Google in United States, how to be less casual at work and bring on little bit of professional attitude. They might be educated on the results of well the Page 2 other companies are performing in a professional corporate culture. The team will also be

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